Includes research library
access, events, advisory
support, a client success
plan and more.

An array of benchmarking,
strategy, technology selection,
and integration.
Global recognition showcasing leading programs and
practices with a library of
case studies.*
Virtual and on-site certification programs supplemented
with research-driven
assessments and tools.

*Case study library only available to active Brandon Hall Group™ members and is based on subscription(s).

Organizations  of  all  sizes,  in  all  countries,  across  all  industries,  struggle  with  human  capital  management.  Companies  need  to  transform  strategies  to  play  in  new  markets,  with  new  offerings,  and  against  new  competitors.  The  workforce  is  experiencing  dramatic  demographic  shifts,  and  technology  is  significantly  changing  employees’  expectations  and  customer  behavior.

We have  the  answers.  Our  elite  group  of  analysts  centers  its  research  on  understanding  how  business  performance  can  be  improved.  This  results  in  practical,  actionable  research  that  empowers  executives  to  make  the  best  strategic  decisions  about  implementing  effective  strategies,  efficient  processes,  and  leading  technologies  across  the  HCM  space.

We  have  the  data  and  the  experience  to  help  you  make  the  case  for  change,  serve  as  an  expert  sounding  board,  and  accelerate  key  initiatives.  We  offer  insights  based  on  what  your  peers  are  doing,  and  we  understand  the  technology  provider  landscape. 

We  have  been  independent  researchers  and  consultants  in  the  space  for  over  20  years.  We  have  expertise  in  all  human  capital  practices,  and  put  out  more  research  than  any  other  firm.  The  bottom  line  is,  you  can  trust  us  to  help  move  your  human  capital  practices  forward.

Your real-time data benchmarking tool. Vast databank of relevant industry data, filtered by market size, revenue, geography and high-performing organizations. Immediately access and filter thousands of data points from our proprietary and primary leading research.

Your easy-to-use HCM technology selection tool. Simplifies your technology selection process by giving you detailed information on leading providers and allowing you to compare functionality.

 We offer flexible, high-value memberships that offer everything you need at a cost you can afford.
 Our research is better – more targeted, easily digestible, focused on business results, predictive, prescriptive.
 Our solutions get better results – research-driven, focused on the business, simple, targeted, flexible approach.
 Our case studies are unique for their diversity and focus on business results.
 Our professional development is practical, tailored to your needs, and equips you to take action.

At  our  annual  conference  you’ll  collaborate  with  experts  and  exchange  ideas  with  your  peers.  You’ll  attend  workshops  where  innovators  will  share  leading  human  capital  management  practices  and  help  you  adapt  them  to  your  own  environment.

Our annual summit offers current corporate leaders a diverse community to enhance skills and share ideas to build more inclusive environments in which they can improve personal and organizational performance.


HCMx Radio

The only podcast in the HCM arena that weaves current market research, HR technology and industry leaders into each episode.