Brandon Hall Group™ is famous for its actionable Human Capital Management research. Our annual HCM Excellence Conference delivers the same experience through a 3-day event with leading practices from award-winning organizations along with checklists, self-assessments, models, frameworks, and other tools that you can use to convert insights into measurable benefits for your organization.

It's more than a conference. We have a team of experts internally, we leverage our partners and our external communities to really pull all of this information together and to make it powerful in a way that's easy and accessible.

The HCM Excellence Conference also features our formal celebration for Excellence Award winners during an evening gala celebration. Award-winners who attend the event are presented with a special commemorative plaque on-stage (available exclusively at the live event). The celebration commences with a formal dinner ceremony and concludes with a celebratory reception, champagne toast, live entertainment and more. Visit our event website for complete details.


The Women In Leadership (WIL) Summit provides women corporate leaders a diverse community to exchange ideas and build more inclusive environments to improve personal and organizational performance. The WIL Summit also helps men who lead diverse teams achieve a better understanding of how to recruit, engage, develop and retain talented women.

The WIL Summit delivers a concise and impactful one-day strategic program for attendees to gain insights and have access to exclusive tools, workshops, and practical roadmaps to implement and further initiatives back in their own organizations and within their own teams. Our speakers are not only industry leaders but also Excellence Award winners that have a proven track record of success. Visit our event website for complete details.


A collection of industry publications - articles, magazines, digital publications - that we contribute to regularly and/or are asked to provide research or insights for. If you would like for one of our analysts to contribute to one of your publications, please contact us at to discuss in more detail.


National news and headlines for all things Brandon Hall Group - including guest appearances, major research study releases, the Excellence Awards and more.

Stay up to date with our latest research, client stories, case studies, Excellence Awards announcements and more by registering for our upcoming webinars. We have also made select webinars available OnDemand. Brandon Hall Group™ members receive full access to our complete library of webinars, presentations, research, tools, and more. Click here to learn more about membership.